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Epidemiology of Work Related Diseases.
  1. General Practitioner, Eastbourne, UK

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    Epidemiology of Work Related Diseases. 2nd Ed. Edited by Corbett McDonald. (Pp 556; £65.00.) BMJ Books, 2000. ISBN0-7279-1432-4.****

    This small volume at first glance appears too slight to adequately cover the subject of its title. However, appearances are deceptive and this well bound and printed book contains over 550 pages of interesting and distilled information. Anyone confronted by a medical problem that could have a work related dimension would do well to consult it.

    Originally published in 1995, this updated version reflects modern society and industry. The newly emerging problems of work stress, infertility and pregnancy hazards, electromagnetic radiation, and possible molecular damage caused by pollution are described.

    Inevitably there is less emphasis on the old British industries of coal mining and steel manufacturing that once dominated occupational health publications. Despite this there is excellent coverage of all dust related diseases including those from man made mineral fibres and asbestos, which will continue to be clinically important over the next half century.

    Over 150 pages are devoted to the methodology of environmental health research and these deal with statistical aspects in a way comprehensible to the non-mathematical reader.

    All of the main chapters are well referenced and their authors, who are drawn from 10 different countries, are experts in their own fields.

    Overall it is an excellent book both for the occupational epidemiologist and anyone with an interest in occupational health.

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