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Whittington Hospital & Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine Conference Unit MRCP Part II (PACES)/Communication Skills and Ethics: 2 day course

21–22 May 2001: Whittington Hospital, London, UK The course involves: • History taking • Information giving • Breaking bad news • Ethics

This is a workshop based course for the new MRCP clinical examination and facilitators include communication skills specialists and MRCP examiners. The cost is £500.

For further details and a booking form please contact Kate Stephens, CHIME, 4th Floor Holborn Union Building, Archway Campus, Highgate Hill, London N19 3UA (tel: 020 7288 3134; email:k.stephens{at}

(Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine, Registered Charity No 313355, Registered in England No 721213)

1st Asia Pacific Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care: 3 day conferencee

19–21 September 2001: Sydney, Australia

We are delighted to announce this forthcoming conference in Sydney. The themes of the forum are: • Improving patient safety • Leadership for improvement • Consumers driving change

  • Building capacity for change: measurement, education, and human resource

  • The context: incentives and barriers for change

  • Improving health systems

  • The evidence and scientific basis for quality improvement

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For more information contact: quality{at} or fax +44 (0) 7383 6869.