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MRCGP Preparation and Passing.
  1. North Cardiff Medical Centre, Cardiff, UK

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    MRCGP Preparation and Passing. Edited by John J Ferguson. (Pp 194; £17.50.) Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd, 2000. ISBN1-85315-468-7.****

    This book is based on a highly successful pre-MRCGP course held at the Royal Society of Medicine. Although it contains papers from 21 eminent contributors, the book as a whole presents a comprehensive and up to date guide. The discipline of general practice has few fixed boundaries and therefore a guide through this diverse field of medicine is essential, particularly when one is preparing to become a member of its Royal College.

    A candidate will ask “What does the examination test?” The answer is anything relevant to British general practice, a large and complex area which frequently changes. This book assists by presenting current information about issues relevant to general practice, including vocational training, medicopolitical issues in relation to primary care, practice management, audit, and revalidation. There is some repetition of certain topics resulting from the fact that a number of contributors are discussing current issues, however this did not detract from the value of the book.

    The structure of the MRCGP examination changes almost as frequently as the medicopolitical scene and therefore the detailed explanation of the elements of the college exam is invaluable. The insights into what examiners are looking for together with some marking schedules are extremely useful.

    The book is concise and contains invaluable references to all the current papers with which candidates should be familiar.

    I can thoroughly recommend it, not only to candidates working towards their membership examination, but also GP trainers and GP principals alike.