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Final FRCA: Multiple Choice Questions.
  1. P SPIERS, Consultant Anaesthetist
  1. Leicester General Hospital
  2. Leicester, UK

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    Final FRCA: Multiple Choice Questions. By M D Brunner, P N Robinson, H Williams. (Pp 302; £16.99 paperback.) Butterworth Heinemann, 2000. ISBN 0-7506-4214-9.****

    The book title is self explanatory and is targeted at anaesthetists working towards the final fellowship. It is guaranteed to be a popular book for candidates to practise their examination technique and to guide their revision.

    There is a very brief introduction with some common sense advice on how to tackle the MCQ examination and then the book goes straight into the questions. These are set out as five individual papers with 90 questions in each to mimic the true paper. The questions are well selected and cover many of the traditional topics. I liked the layout with the answers opposite the questions reducing the time wasted in turning pages to check the answers. There is, however, a great temptation to peep that must be continually resisted. There are a few esoteric questions to teach you not to guess and some of the answers include advice to the reader to learn more about particular favourite examination topics.

    At the end of the book is a useful index where the reader can find all related questions to a particular subject. As a bonus in the final example paper, there is a mysterious 91st question hinting at the meaning of life. I was tempted to tell you the answer here but you should read the book first!

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