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Helicobacter heilmannii
  1. L Williams,
  2. M J Dew,
  3. L A Murray
  1. Prince Philip Hospital, Bryngwynmawr, Dagen, Llanelli SA14 8QF, Wales, UK
  1. Dr Williams

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A 48 year old man was referred to the open access endoscopy service by his general practitioner. He gave a 12 month history of epigastric pain and nausea and was receiving Gaviscon. He was an ex-smoker admitting to minimal alcohol intake.

The gastroscopy was normal but the histology of the biopsy specimens of the gastric antrum (figs 1 and 2) showed superficial chronic gastritis with Helicobacter heilmannii but noHelicobacter pylori was seen.

Figure 1

Gastric mucosa with H heilmannii on surface (Giemsa stain, oil immersion lens × 400).

Figure 2

H heilmannii (Giemsa stain, oil immersion lens × 600).


What is Helicobacter heilmannii?
What does it do?
What is the clinical significance?
Does it require treatment?

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