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A young man with tachycardia
  1. R Sivakumar,
  2. A Eltrafi,
  3. J H Silas
  1. Arrowe Park Hospital, Cheshire CH49 5PE, UK
  1. Dr Silas

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A 30 year old man was admitted with palpitations of sudden onset. There was no history of previous episodes. He was a non-smoker, did not take excess alcohol or any recreational drugs, and there was no family history of ischaemic or any cardiac disorders. He was breathless and was hypotensive; his electrocardiogram is given below (fig 1).

Figure 1

Electrocardiogram of patient.


What is the differential diagnosis?
What is the most likely diagnosis?
How will you manage this patient acutely?
What is the long term management?

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