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Blood Pressure Measurement.
  1. J E F POHL, Consultant Cardiologist
  1. Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, UK

    Statistics from

    Blood Pressure Measurement. Produced by the British Hypertension Society. BMJ Publishing Group; £47.00. ISBN 0727-913743.****

    This CD-ROM specifies on its outside cover, in some detail, the minimum system requirements. These will not be met by all equipment currently in use in medical libraries nor by bottom of the range home computing. The technical qualities of the CD-ROM are excellent. It is easy to read, the sound production is clear (perhaps a little loud for use in library computer rooms), and it is user friendly. The content reflects current British Hypertension Society (BHS) guidelines and includes, in addition to historical notes, relevant explanation of different techniques used in incorporating ambulatory blood pressure measurement, measurement in special populations, and finally the rudiments of equipment evaluation.

    The main features are detailed instructions in the technique of blood pressure measurement, pointing out common pitfalls and self testing sequences of falling mercury and Korotkov sounds. The anticipated audience ranges from junior nurses to senior physicians whose digit preferences and habitual methodological errors need ironing out. The material presented is up to date and lends itself to use in learning and assessment tutorials geared to the level of the learner group. The failure of the BHS measurement group to come up with unequivocal recommendations for standard sphygmomanometer cuff bladder dimensions will limit the shelf life of the BHS production and limits this reviewer's value for money verdict to a recommendation of purchase by institutions rather than individuals.

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