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Benefits and Hazards of Exercise.
  1. Glenfield NHS Trust, Leicester, UK

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    Benefits and Hazards of Exercise. Edited by Domhnall MacAuley. (Pp 384; £35.00.) BMJ Publishing Group, 1999. ISBN 0-7279-1412-X.****

    The stated aim of this book is to be a “must for all of us who are involved in promoting physical activity and advising people who are interested in exercise”. Its target audience is diverse and includes specialists in sports medicine, general practioners, sports scientists, and trainers. Individual chapters cover most aspects of exercise and range from a general overview of the methods of promoting physical activity in primary care to the specific problems of altered reproductive function in endurance athletes and the physiological adaptations of altitude training. There are excellent chapters on exercise and diabetes and exercise and hypertension, with a chapter concentrating on the important interaction between exercise and psychological well being. Concise summaries are provided for all chapters and the most important learning points are highlighted in boxes. Multiple choice questions are also provided at the end of each chapter which allow the reader to test their knowledge. The book is well referenced and up to date, but deficiencies in the literature are acknowledged by the authors.

    Anyone with an interest in sports medicine will find something in this book to interest them. It is well written and provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of the benefits and hazards of exercise.

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