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Lee's Synopsis of Anaesthesia.
  1. N W KING, Consultant Anaesthetist
  1. Leicester General Hospital, UK

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    Lee's Synopsis of Anaesthesia. 12th Ed. G B Rushman, N J H Davies, J N Cashman. (Pp 750; £27.50.) Butterworth Heinemann, 1999. ISBN 0-7506-3247-X.****

    The 12th edition of this book is a mine of information. The sections on history and intensive care medicine will be missed, but it does allow the book to be easily portable again. The book, having been read once, will be used to revise, and subsequently to refer to time and time again.

    The trainee anaesthetist will obviously need to undertake wider reading. For example, the section on acid-base balance is excellent from which to revise, but perhaps difficult to learn from. The synopsis has justifiably strict criteria for accepting patients for daycase surgery, but some anaesthetists may not be so strict. In further reading the anaesthetists will be assisted by the excellent references at the end of each chapter.

    The chapter on obstetric anaesthesia is most comprehensive. The section on regional analgesia is a great reference section with clear unequivocal descriptions of techniques. The brief final section on statistics is most helpful.

    The chapter on rare diseases will be of great use when the anaesthetist is confronted with a patient only an hour or two before an operation, who is suffering from a rare condition.

    Lee's Synopsis of Anaesthesia is a textbook to have at hand and will prove invaluable to those in training, those recently trained, and those anaesthetists old enough to have been examined by J Alfred Lee himself. I can well remember being asked to tell him all I knew about Di Vinyl Ether!

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