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Instant Notes in Immunology.
  1. Clinical Immunology Unit
  2. Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK

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    Instant Notes in Immunology. By P M Lydyard, A Whelan, M W Fanger. (Pp 318; £14.95 paperback.) Bios Scientific Publishers, 1999. ISBN1-85996-007-4.****

    I recommend this new short soft backed immunology textbook to both medical students and to those studying for their respective collegiate examinations. A major advantage of the format of this book is that it allows one to find essential pockets of information that in many other immunology books are disseminated throughout the text and hence difficult to extract. The key notes at the start of each chapter are good revision/overview statements. This is not a clinical immunology book, but it does apply basic mechanisms to clinical situations in the applied chapters. The 120 multiple choice questions at the end of the book will be particularly welcomed by candidates for collegiate examinations as there is a lack of quality published multiple choice questions in the field of immunology.

    At £14.95 this book is a worthy investment for those interested in expanding their knowledge of immunology.

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