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Radiology for MRCP
  1. Department of Medicine for the Elderly, Leicester General Hospital, Leicester LE5 4PW, UK

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    Radiology for MRCP, Sarah Howling, Paul Jenkins, pp xxii + 210. PASTEST, Cheshire, 1998. £13.75, paperback. ★★★★

    I welcome any book on radiology that aims to help candidates preparing for MRCP examination, and the authors of the above book have really worked hard to acheive this goal. The first section is devoted to guiding people through different imaging modalities, eg, magetic resonance imaging (MRI), barium examinations, etc. The normal films are fully explained before the pathological ones are dealt with, which is a very sensible approach, especially when you are trying to interpret MRI and computed tomography scans.

    The figures are of high quality, and the cases discussed cover almost all medical specialties. The explanations are well written and are followed by wide differential diagnoses. Many sections of medicine are well illustrated, but my favourite section is rheumatology. The X-rays of bones and joints are of the right penetration and the text is very detailed. I have always found barium X-rays rather difficult to interpret, but the films here are of high quality and leave little room for ambiguity.

    This book is the work of both a radiologist and a clinician and thus enjoys the best of both worlds. Even those with membership will thoroughly enjoy it, and it will help them to update their knowledge of radiology. I strongly recommend this book for anybody sitting for or contemplating the MRCP exam. It is also a pleasant surprise that it is priced at only £13.75. Pastest has done a great service for postgraduate education yet again.