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Clinical cases for the MRCS and AFRCS
  1. A D N SCOTT, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon
  1. Department of General Surgery, Glenfield Hospital NHS Trust, Leicester LE3 9QP, UK

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    Clinical cases for the MRCS and AFRCS, G J Morris-Stiff, D J Bowrey, M C A Puntis, B I Rees, A A Shandall. 200 pp, illus. Arnold, 1998. £29.99, paperback

    I thought this was an excellent book. The high quality of the illustrations − both X-rays and clinical photographs − is immediately apparent and the clarity of the format is excellent. The answers are clearly and concisely written; inevitably some of the answers consist of a very brief overview of a large topic, eg, head injury or abdominal trauma, but within the confines of space these brief summaries are apposite and do seem to focus on aspects of the topic which tend to feature in examinations. The authors set themselves a demanding task in trying to select 142 cases to demonstrate the entire spectrum of surgery (the whole of orthopaedics and trauma in 15 cases is fairly minimal), but generally they have produced a well-balanced selection. The acid test was definitely passed when my own surgical trainee not only praised the book but also intends to buy a copy! I congratulate the authors and the publishers on this high quality book and firmly believe that candidates will find it extremely useful in preparing for the MRCS/FRCS examinations.