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Hospital doctors' assessment of baseline spirometry.
  1. N. Stephenson,
  2. R. Morgan,
  3. E. Abdel-Rahman-Abdel-Wahab,
  4. C. J. Turnbull
  1. Department of Medicine for the Elderly, Wirral NHS Trust Hospital, Upton, Merseyside, UK.


    Baseline spirometry is useful in diagnosing and managing pulmonary disease. In a questionnaire survey of 100 hospital doctors in two hospitals in the Mersey region, their views and ability to interpret baseline spirometry was assessed. Of the 70 doctors who responded, 65% felt they could accurately interpret baseline spirometry. However, only 12% accurately interpreted all five vitalographs in the questionnaire. The majority (72%) felt they had not had adequate teaching in interpretation of spirometry, and 63% would prefer a report from a respiratory technician. These result suggest that improvement needs to be made in interpretation of baseline spirometry.

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