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An obstetrics and gynaecology graduate residency programme in Venezuela.
  1. P. Faneite
  1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hospital Dr Adolfo Prince Lara, Estado Carabobo, Venezuela.


    We present our experience on the design and development of a gynaecology and obstetrics graduate residency programme, developed in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Dr Adolfo Prince Lara Hospital, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, in which medical specialists and residents participate synergistically. From January to September 1993, curricular activities were planned and students selected. The programme started in October 1993, with six residents for a three-year programme. Courses were given by medical specialists from the Department. In addition to a Programme Coordinator, there is also a Residents' Coordinator, appointed for a two-month term of office; specific functions were assigned for residents occupying this position. All the programmed activities for three years were accomplished, including lectures and rotations, with an important record of surgical interventions. In our grade system, residents got an average of 18 over a maximum of 20 points. Residents also participated as speakers in workshops, special courses and national medicinal meetings, in which they presented a total of nine papers. Activities were evaluated bimonthly in meetings with students and each semester by the Graduate Committee. The first class graduated in September 1996. Results suggest that resident participation in graduate programmes is an important part of their education.

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