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Satellite-delivered continuing medical education in Europe.
  1. J. G. Geraghty,
  2. H. L. Young
  1. General Surgical Oncology, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy.


    There is increasing recognition of the need for continuing medical education in the medical profession. There are now many ways of delivering medical education including conferences, books, journals amongst others. This paper describes a novel method of delivering medical education using satellite transmission. This medium allows live medical education programmes to be broadcast to over 150 receiver sites in Europe. It also enables two-way live satellite links to be made between countries during the broadcast. EuroTransMed has an editorial board, in much the same way as a journal, which is representative of the differing medical societies in Europe. As the barriers between the various countries fall, EuroTransMed is an ideal medium to promote high quality, easily accessible, continuing medical education at a pan-European level.

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