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Do accident and emergency senior house officers know the British guidelines on the management of acute asthma?
  1. T. Ulahannan,
  2. R. D. Hardern,
  3. D. W. Hamer
  1. Department of Accident and Emergency Medicine, General Infirmary at Leeds, UK.


    Avoidable deaths from asthma continue, even in hospital. Since the management of acute severe asthma is often initiated in the Accident and Emergency department, it is crucial that staff there have adequate knowledge. An anonymous questionnaire, containing items based on chart 6 of the UK guidelines, was completed by 66 Accident and Emergency Senior House Officers from the Yorkshire region. The study aim was to establish these doctors' levels of knowledge about the recommended management of acute asthma in Accident and Emergency. The median score was 10 (out of a possible 24) and the interquartile range 8-13. Further efforts are required to implement these guidelines so that the best patient outcomes can be achieved.

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