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What should I do about my patient's gall stones?
  1. A. R. Dennison,
  2. D. Azoulay,
  3. N. Oakley,
  4. H. Baer,
  5. J. A. Paraskevopoulos,
  6. G. J. Maddern
  1. Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust, UK.


    The problem of benign biliary disease is one that causes significant morbidity and social economic strain in the western world. The classical treatment, cholecystectomy, has been challenged by various medical and surgical techniques in a seemingly random nature. The development of the treatment of gall stone disease is reviewed by analysis of published studies over the last 20 years. The advantages and disadvantages are discussed as an overview and summary of the current management of gall stone disease in the light of our knowledge of its malignant potential.

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