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Renal calculi in primary hyperaldosteronism.
  1. U. M. Kabadi
  1. Medical Service, VA Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA.


    Increased urinary calcium (Ca++) excretion and the presence of negative Ca++ balance is well documented in primary hyperaldosteronism. However, renal calculi as a major manifestation of this disorder has not previously been described. This report describes a patient who presented with renal calculi in association with primary hyperaldosteronism. We believe that primary hyperaldosteronism was a major pathogenetic factor in the formation of renal calculi since the increased urinary excretion of Ca++ and uric acid noted at onset declined following a short-term spironolactone administration and remission from renal calculi has persisted following initial nephrolithotomy and continued spironolactone therapy, which also corrected hypertension and hypokalemia, a hallmark of this disorder.

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