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Dysphagia due to secondary achalasia as an early manifestation of squamous cell carcinoma.
  1. H. K. Makker,
  2. R. Chisholm,
  3. A. J. Rate,
  4. J. Bancewicz,
  5. A. Bernstein
  1. Department of Cardiorespiratory, Hope Hospital, Salford, Manchester, UK.


    A 59-year-old man, a smoker, presented with features of airflow obstruction due to squamous cell carcinoma of central airways mimicking chronic obstructive airways disease. He also had pronounced dysphagia. Computed tomographic and magnetic resonance imaging scans showed mediastinal tumour invasion but no direct oesophageal involvement. Oesophageal manometry studies revealed that dysphagia was due to the oesophageal motility disorder, secondary achalasia.

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