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Prophylactic use of fluconazole in neutropenic cancer patients.
  1. K. Yamaç,
  2. E. Senol,
  3. R. Haznedar
  1. Department of Hematology, Gazi University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey.


    This study was carried out on 70 patients with haematological or solid malignancies who were receiving chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Forty-one patients were randomly assigned to receive fluconazole, 400 mg/day, while they were neutropenic. Systemic fungal infection developed in four of the 41 patients (9%) receiving prophylaxis in comparison to nine of 29 patients (31%) not receiving prophylaxis. The incidence of systemic fungal infection was significantly different between the groups receiving prophylaxis and those not receiving it (p < 0.05). Fluconazole was found to be effective for preventing systemic fungal infections in neutropenic patients with cancer.

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