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Central pontine myelinolysis following orthotopic liver transplant: association with cyclosporine toxicity.
  1. M. H. Kabeer,
  2. R. S. Filo,
  3. M. L. Milgrom,
  4. M. D. Pescovitz,
  5. S. B. Leapman,
  6. L. Lumeng,
  7. R. M. Jindal
  1. Department of Surgery, Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis 46202, USA.


    Central pontine myelinolysis can occur after orthotopic liver transplantation leading to high mortality and serious morbidity. In our case, central pontine myelinolysis was associated with wide fluctuations in cyclosporine levels during an episode of hypocholesterolaemia, which may have precipitated central pontine myelinolysis.

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