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Role of TSH measurements in predicting the outcome of treatment for Graves' disease following drug therapy.
  1. W. E. Wood
  1. Department of Chemical Pathology, Greenwich District Hospital, Vanbrugh Hill, London, UK.


    Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels obtained one month after the cessation of anti-thyroid drug treatment were assessed retrospectively for possible use in predicting outcome in 50 patients with a clinical diagnosis of Graves' disease. Thirty-four patients remained in remission at the end of the follow-up period and 16 patients relapsed. Although a TSH level of < 1.2 mU/1 did not discriminate between the two groups, none of the 24 patients who had TSH levels of > 1.2 mU/1 relapsed during the follow-up period, making early discharge from the thyroid clinic possible for these patients.

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