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Primary pelvic hydatid cyst presenting with obstructive uropathy and renal failure.
  1. V. Seenu,
  2. M. C. Misra,
  3. S. C. Tiwari,
  4. R. Jain,
  5. C. Chandrashekhar
  1. Department of Surgical Disciplines, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi.


    Primary pelvic hydatid cyst is a rare entity. Pelvic hydatid cysts usually present with pressure symptoms involving adjacent organs (bladder and rectum usually). A case of primary pelvic hydatid cyst presenting with obstructive uropathy leading to chronic renal failure is presented. A combination of preoperative albendazole therapy of 1.2 g/day for 8-12 weeks and surgical excision were effective in alleviating the symptoms and improving the renal function.

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