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45,X Turner syndrome with normal ovarial function and multiple malformations of the aorta.
  1. T. D. Apostolopoulos,
  2. M. K. Kyriakidis,
  3. S. A. Kitsiou,
  4. A. D. Galla-Voumvouraki,
  5. A. N. Tsezou,
  6. P. K. Toutouzas
  1. Cardiological Department, Hippocration Hospital, University of Athens, Greece.


    We present a case of a female patient with monosomy of X chromosome in peripheral lymphocytes and skin fibroblasts, normal ovarian function and associated multiple congenital abnormalities of the aorta: bicuspid aortic valve, dilatation of the ascending aorta and multiple cystic structures of the aortic wall, complicated by endarteritis. We review the literature on fertile women with 45,X karyotype and the possible pathogenetic mechanisms of the aortic defects described as 'cystic medial necrosis of the aorta'.

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