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Adenomatous polyp at the ureterocaecal anastomosis.
  1. L. D. Coen,
  2. A. T. Raftery
  1. Sheffield Kidney Institute, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK.


    A case of adenomatous polyp occurring at a ureterocaecal anastomosis, 25 years after urinary diversion following a total cystectomy for carcinoma of the bladder, is reported. Bilateral nephrectomy for chronic pyelonephritis was carried out 25 years after the initial surgery and, following this, a sinus formed at the incision at the right loin. A sinogram showed contrast filling the right ureter and caecum, and outlined a lobulated filling defect at the ureterocaecal anastomosis. Subsequent histology revealed a dysplastic tubulovillous adenoma. The clinical presentation and management of tumours at the ureterointestinal junction are discussed.

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