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Impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus in a suburban Sri Lankan community.
  1. D. J. Fernando,
  2. S. Siribaddana,
  3. D. de Silva
  1. Sri Jayawardenepura General Hospital, Talapathpitiya, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.


    The prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus was studied in a suburban Sri Lankan community using 1985 WHO criteria. Oral 75 g glucose tolerance tests were performed on 633 subjects aged 30-64 years. The age-standardized prevalence rates for diabetes mellitus were 5.02 (95% CI 3.59-6.43) and impaired glucose tolerance 5.27 (95% CI 3.74-6.78). A total of 21% of diabetic patients were not known to have diabetes and were diagnosed for the first time during the survey. Obesity was more common (P < 0.05) in diabetic patients (21%) when compared to non-diabetic subjects (10.5%). Diabetes mellitus is a common health problem in Sri Lanka, and there is a need for developing national policies for its prevention and control.

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