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Community-acquired bacteraemic Acinetobacter pneumonia with survival.
  1. K. N. Achar,
  2. M. Johny,
  3. M. N. Achar,
  4. N. K. Menon
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Amiri Hospital (Teaching), Kuwait.


    A 65 year old man was admitted with segmental consolidation of the left upper lobe after having stayed in a hotel for 2 days. He deteriorated rapidly on conventional antibiotic therapy and required ventilatory support. Acinetobacter calcoaceticus var. anitratus was grown from the sputum and blood cultures, which was treated with a combination of anti-pseudomonal agent, aminoglycoside and cotrimoxazole. He made a slow but remarkable recovery from the pneumonia. Acinetobacter is a rare potentially fatal cause of community-acquired pneumonia.

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