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Primary lymphoma of the gallbladder.
  1. E. P. Friedman,
  2. E. Lazda,
  3. D. Grant,
  4. J. Davis
  1. Department of Imaging, Whittington Hospital, London, UK.


    A case of primary lymphoma of the gallbladder is described which is rare in the medical literature. A 76 year old man presented with acute cholecystitis and septicaemia. Investigation showed a lung abscess and a gallbladder mass. The mass was thought to be an empyema and cholecystostomy was performed. Biopsy of the gallbladder wall showed high-grade B cell lymphoma. The patient unfortunately succumbed to overwhelming septicaemia in the postoperative period. Postmortem examination confirmed primary lymphoma of the gallbladder without dissemination.

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