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Takayasu's disease presenting as a nephrotic syndrome due to amyloidosis.
  1. A. E. Sousa,
  2. M. Lucas,
  3. I. Tavora,
  4. R. M. Victorino
  1. University Hospital of Santa Maria, Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, Department of Medicine 2, Portugal.


    We report an 18 year old black woman who presented with nephrotic syndrome in whom the investigations led to the diagnosis of diffuse Takayasu's disease, renal amyloidosis of AA type and interstitial lung disease. Proteinuria in Takayasu's disease is usually ascribed to hypertension or more rarely to glomerulonephritis. This case suggests that amyloidosis should be considered also in the investigation of proteinuria in these patients in view of the serious prognostic implications. This case represents further evidence that Takayasu's disease can be the cause of systemic reactive amyloidosis which may also be the presenting feature.

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