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Ultrasound-guided needle aspiration of amoebic liver abscess.
  1. A. Ramani,
  2. R. Ramani,
  3. M. S. Kumar,
  4. B. N. Lakhkar,
  5. G. N. Kundaje
  1. Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka, India.


    This prospective study was carried out on 200 patients with clinically, ultrasonographically and serologically confirmed amoebic liver abscess. The role of ultrasound-guided needle aspiration in addition to medications was evaluated compared to drug treatment alone. Both the groups were monitored clinically and sonographically for up to 6 months after diagnosis. The initial response (after 15 days) was better in the aspirated group (P < 0.05) but resolution of abscess after 6 months were similar. There was a more rapid clinical response in the aspirated group, particularly in those with larger (> 6 cm) abscesses and there were no complications. Percutaneous ultrasound-guided needle aspiration is a safe diagnostic and therapeutic approach which enhances clinical recovery, accelerates resolution, especially in large abscesses, and prevents complications.

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