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Primary tumours of the duodenum.
  1. N. Kaminski,
  2. D. Shaham,
  3. R. Eliakim
  1. Department of Medicine, Hadassah University Hospital, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel.


    Six primary duodenal tumours were diagnosed in our 300 bed institute during a period of 10 years. Two patients had benign tumours (leiomyoma and carcinoid) and four had malignant tumours (adenocarcinoma). The most common manifestation was severe iron deficiency anemia. Diagnosis was usually delayed (with a mean time of 7.7 months from initial complaints), endoscopy being the most common and useful diagnostic tool. A curative procedure was performed in two patients. Patients with unexplained chronic iron deficiency anaemia should undergo thorough gastrointestinal evaluation, including the small intestine, as a curable disease may be found to be the source of the complaint.

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