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Vocal cord paralysis and oesophago-broncho-aortic fistula complicating foreign body-induced oesophageal perforation.
  1. A. S. Taha,
  2. I. Nakshabendi,
  3. R. I. Russell
  1. Gastroenterology Unit, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK.


    A 61 year old man died after presenting with a 24 h history of haematemesis and haemoptysis, and one year history of hoarseness of voice. Post-mortem examination showed a dental plate eroding through the mid-oesophagus into a bronchus and into the descending arch of the aorta, with scarring suggestive of old perforation. An organized haematoma also involved the left recurrent laryngeal nerve. Vocal cord paralysis may be a manifestation of foreign body-induced oesophageal perforation, which can lead to death from an oesophago-broncho-aortic fistula. Both complications of oesophageal perforation from a foreign body have not to our knowledge been previously reported.

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