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Delayed recovery of renal function in patients with acute renal failure due to accelerated hypertension.
  1. M. Yaqoob,
  2. P. McClelland,
  3. R. Ahmad
  1. Regional Renal Unit, Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK.


    Five patients with acute renal failure due to accelerated hypertension required regular dialysis treatment for 2-12 months (mean 8.8), before recovering sufficient renal function for dialysis to be withdrawn. Two patients who had prior evidence of chronic renal impairment remained off dialysis for 20 and 27 months before decompensating again to require regular dialysis treatment. Two patients with no prior history of renal disease have remained independent of dialysis for 32 and 48 months. The fifth patient was lost to follow-up after a 7 month dialysis-free period. Delayed recovery of renal function following accelerated hypertension is a distinct possibility and should be considered in such patients before contemplating long term strategies such as renal transplantation.

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