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Sjögren-like pluriglandular exocrine insufficiency after drug-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis.
  1. J. Sabán,
  2. J. R. Pais,
  3. J. L. Rodríguez,
  4. D. Boixeda
  1. Department of Medicine, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.


    We present the case of a patient that progressively developed xerophthalmia, xerostomia, cutaneous xerosis and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency 3 months after metamizole-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis. Though the association of Sjögren's syndrome and exocrine pancreatic impairment is well established, the Sjögren-like syndrome after drug-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis in association with such a wide exocrine glandular insufficiency has not been previously described, to our knowledge.

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