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A study of admissions to paediatric beds.
  1. G. Rajaratnam
  1. Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine, University of Wales College of Medicine, Health Park, Cardiff, UK.


    The reasons for admission of children to paediatric beds and the appropriateness of those admissions were investigated by a retrospective study of admission notes by two paediatricians. Approximately 3% and 9% of the admissions according to assessor, were for purely social reasons and the remainder for predominantly medical reasons. There were a number of admissions for whom the assessors were unable to justify admission. Assessor 1 considered that 20% and assessor 2 15%, of those studied could have been managed without admission. Agreement over individual cases between assessors was poor but significant. The assessors agreed that admission was appropriate in 74% and inappropriate in 8% of cases. In the remaining 18 cases, the assessors did not agree on the need for admission. It is suggested that there is a need for local specialty specific admission policies to ensure cost-effective use of facilities.

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