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Acrocyanosis in anorexia nervosa.
  1. S. Bhanji,
  2. D. Mattingly
  1. University of Exeter Postgraduate Medical School, UK.


    Acrocyanosis, an uncommon disorder of the peripheral circulation, may occur in patients with anorexia nervosa. It is not known why this should be, nor whether acrocyanosis correlates with any other features of the disorder. The findings in an unselected series of 155 anorectics are reported. Acrocyanosis occurred in 32 and was more prevalent among the more severely ill. It was associated also with pallor of the face and trunk, slower pulse rates and higher fasting plasma glucose levels. Acrocyanosis could represent a more extreme form of a heat conserving mechanism not uncommon in anorectics. The possible relationship between peripheral vascular changes and plasma glucose levels requires further study.

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