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Aperistaltic oesophageal disorders unmasked by severe post-fundoplication dysphagia.
  1. C. J. O'Brien,
  2. J. S. Collins,
  3. B. J. Collins,
  4. J. McGuigan
  1. Department of Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK.


    Two patients were referred because of persistent dysphagia which developed for the first time after Nissen fundoplication. Investigations, including oesophageal manometry, demonstrated the presence of achalasia in one case, confirmed histologically, and aperistaltic oesophagus associated with an underlying connective tissue disorder in the other case. Our observations highlight the importance of assessing oesophageal motility before referring patients for anti-reflux surgery and illustrate the effect of such surgery on patients in whom oesophageal dysmotility was not suspected.

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