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Hepatic infarction: an unusual complication of nephrotic syndrome in a patient with diabetes mellitus.
  1. A. Martinez Vea,
  2. C. Garcia Ruiz,
  3. A. Sauri Conejero,
  4. E. Mayayo Artal,
  5. J. Oliver Rotellar
  1. Department of Radiology, Hospital Joan XXIII, Tarragona, Spain.


    A 67 year old woman with widespread atherosclerosis and diabetic nephropathy manifested by nephrotic syndrome and moderate renal failure developed multiple hepatic infarctions. The infarctions were documented by computed tomographic scan and needle aspiration biopsy of the liver. Except for the nephrotic syndrome and the atherosclerosis no other cause of hepatic infarction was found. We suggest that hepatic infarction should be considered in the thrombotic complications of the nephrotic syndrome secondary to diabetic nephropathy.

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