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Hyperthyroidism during pregnancy due to coexistence of struma ovarii and Graves' disease.
  1. A. W. Kung,
  2. J. T. Ma,
  3. C. Wang,
  4. R. T. Young
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital.


    A patient with hyperthyroid Graves' disease and struma ovarii is described. She had pre-existing Graves' disease and positive thyrotrophin receptor antibody. She was treated with radioactive iodine 5 months before she became pregnant. Paripartum she had torsion of an ovarian cyst with histological evidence of a functional struma ovarii. Immediate exacerbation of her thyrotoxic state was observed after operation as a result of release of thyroid hormone from the tumour. It is postulated that the tumour was stimulated by circulating thyrotrophin receptor antibody.

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