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Post-partum thyroiditis can be painful.
  1. S. Othman,
  2. A. B. Parkes,
  3. C. J. Richards,
  4. R. Hall,
  5. J. H. Lazarus
  1. Department of Medicine, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.


    A patient with post-partum thyroiditis is described. She was a 22 year old with a negative family history of autoimmune thyroid disease who was noted to have a high titre of antithyroid microsomal antibody during pregnancy. She developed mild hyperthyroidism 8 weeks post-partum but at 12 weeks she had a mildly painful enlarged thyroid gland. At 20 weeks post-partum she had severe thyroidal pain with dysphagia. The thyroid was exquisitely tender to palpation. She was treated with L-thyroxine and the pain resolved within 4 weeks. This is the first report documenting pain in the thyroid as a feature of post-partum thyroiditis.

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