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Massive prolactinoma with galactorrhoea in a prepubertal boy.
  1. R. J. Ross,
  2. J. M. McEniery,
  3. A. Grossman,
  4. I. Doniach,
  5. G. M. Besser,
  6. M. O. Savage
  1. Department of Endocrinology, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK.


    An 8 year old prepubertal boy presented with raised intracranial pressure, left proptosis and was noted to have galactorrhoea. Cranial computerized tomography revealed a large pituitary tumour infiltrating the cavernous sinus and left orbit. The serum prolactin was 180,600 mU/l (normal value less than 360 mU/l). Prolactinomas are rare in children and galactorrhoea has not previously been reported in a prepubertal child. The management of massive prolactinomas is difficult, but the child presented has made an impressive response to a combination of treatment with surgery, dopamine agonist therapy and radiotherapy.

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