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Drug-induced acute liver disease.
  1. M. G. Lee,
  2. B. Hanchard,
  3. N. P. Williams
  1. Department of Medicine, University Hospital, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica.


    Fifty-three patients with drug-induced acute liver disease are reported. There were 35 females and 18 males with a mean age of 41 years. All but one patient had jaundice or hyperbilirubinaemia and 51 had abnormal liver enzymes. Histologically 38 patients (72%) had cholestatic injury while 15 had cytotoxic parenchymal damage. Methyldopa, chlorpropamide, chlorpromazine, halothane and the contraceptive pill accounted for 60% of cases. Fifty-one patients recovered after drug withdrawal while 2 died of hepatic failure. Drug-induced liver injury must be considered in patients presenting with evidence of hepatic disease as the majority will recover on withdrawal.

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