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Hypersplenism due to fungal infection of spleen in a successfully treated patient with Hodgkin's disease.
  1. V. Raina,
  2. P. T. Young,
  3. A. K. Foulis,
  4. M. Soukop
  1. Department of Medical Oncology, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, UK.


    A 58 year old woman, with dermatitis herpetiformis was found to have Hodgkin's disease following the discovery of an abdominal mass and splenomegaly. Combination chemotherapy was given. Although the abdominal mass and systemic symptoms resolved, the splenomegaly did not and the patient developed severe prolonged anaemia and pancytopaenia. Splenectomy resulted in a complete reversal of the haematological abnormalities. Histopathological examination of the spleen revealed fungal granulomas of Candida albicans. No residual Hodgkin's disease was found. The patient thus had hypersplenism due to fungal granulomas in the spleen. This form of presentation of fungal granuloma is very rare and resulted in delay in diagnosis and considerable morbidity to the patient.

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