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Chlortenoxicam pharmacokinetics in young and elderly human volunteers.
  1. S. I. Ankier,
  2. A. E. Brimelow,
  3. P. Crome,
  4. A. Johnston,
  5. S. J. Warrington,
  6. P. Turner,
  7. H. P. Ferber
  1. Charterhouse Clinical Research Unit Ltd., Boundary House, London.


    The pharmacokinetics of chlortenoxicam, a new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, have been compared in young and elderly healthy human volunteers. Chlortenoxicam was found to have a relatively short mean elimination half-life of about 4 hours, with considerable inter-subject variability, but there was no significant difference between young and elderly subjects. There was no evidence of accumulation with repeated administration. No unchanged chlortenoxicam was found in urine from any subject, suggesting that it undergoes extensive metabolism in man.

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