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Spontaneous expulsion per rectum of an ileal lipoma.
  1. S. P. Misra,
  2. S. K. Singh,
  3. V. K. Thorat,
  4. P. Gulati,
  5. V. Malhotra,
  6. B. S. Anand
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, G.B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India.


    We report a case of spontaneous expulsion of a lipoma in a 32 year old male patient who presented with recurrent attacks of subacute intestinal obstruction. During one such episode the patient developed unusually severe abdominal pain and expelled a fleshy mass per rectum which, on histopathology, was found to be a lipoma attached to a necrosed portion of the small intestine. The pain disappeared immediately; a subsequent barium meal examination revealed normal appearances and the patient has remained completely symptom free 10 months after the incident.

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