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A case of metachronous aneurysm of the infrarenal abdominal aorta.
  1. F. C. Millard,
  2. S. J. Powis
  1. Department of Surgery, Northampton General Hospital, Cliftonville, UK.


    The case history of an 84 year old woman presenting with a metachronous aneurysm of the infrarenal abdominal aorta is presented. At operation this second aneurysm was replaced by a further straight tube Dacron inlay graft. This report raises the important question as to whether the whole of the infrarenal aorta should be replaced when resecting an infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm, rather than the more conventional approach of suturing the graft to the neck of the aneurysm above and the aortic bifurcation below.

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