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Survival of twenty-two months in a patient with primary plasma cell leukaemia treated with melphalan and prednisolone.
  1. J. D. Walker,
  2. R. S. Kaczmarski
  1. Chelmsford Hospital, Essex, UK.


    In the majority of cases plasma cell leukaemia is a rapidly fatal disease with a mean survival time of five months. There have been reports of increased survival using various regimens of chemotherapy although most cases eventually relapse. We describe a patient with primary plasma cell leukaemia who responded to a combination of oral melphalan and prednisolone with control of the disease in the bone marrow but relapsed with extramedullary disease in the central nervous system and testes, and died 22 months after diagnosis. Melphalan poorly penetrates the central nervous system and its testicular penetration is unknown.

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