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Granulocytic sarcoma: a diagnosis to be considered in unusual lymphoma syndromes.
  1. J. L. Mansi,
  2. P. J. Selby,
  3. R. L. Carter,
  4. R. L. Powles,
  5. T. J. McElwain
  1. Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, St. George's Hospital, Tooting, London, UK.


    A series of 7 patients with granulocytic sarcoma is presented to illustrate its varied clinical picture. In particular, this condition may present with features which suggest a non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The diagnosis will only be made if a high index of suspicion is maintained and special histopathological methods are used. Granulocytic sarcoma should be treated like an acute myeloid leukaemia.

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