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Bronchobiliary fistula due to acute cholecystitis in a suprahepatic gall bladder.
  1. M. C. Allison,
  2. S. Milkins,
  3. A. K. Burroughs,
  4. H. S. Rogers,
  5. H. C. Thomas
  1. Academic Department of Medicine, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK.


    We describe a patient presenting with painless jaundice, anorexia and pruritus. The gall bladder was found to be lying above and behind a hypoplastic right lobe of liver. There was no evidence of cholangitis or biliary obstruction. The patient subsequently developed a bronchobiliary fistula with severe wheeze, cough and bile-stained sputum. Emergency percutaneous drainage of the gall bladder led to immediate cessation of bronchospasm and biloptysis, rendering the patient fit for definitive surgery.

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