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'Apathetic' thyrotoxicosis presenting with hypercalcaemia and spurious normalization of serum thyroid hormone levels.
  1. S. H. Ralston,
  2. W. D. Fraser,
  3. M. Soukop,
  4. J. H. McKillop
  1. University Department of Medicine, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK.


    A patient with thyrotoxicosis presented with weight loss and hypercalcaemia, leading to an erroneous diagnosis of occult malignant disease. Intercurrent illness and drug treatment of hypercalcaemia in this patient caused a depression of circulating thyroid hormone levels, leading to a delay in diagnosis. Radionuclide studies of thyroid function, in contrast, consistently suggested a thyrotoxic state. It is suggested that in this situation, radionuclide studies may give a more accurate assessment of thyroid status than biochemical tests, which may be difficult to interpret in the presence of non-thyroidal illness.

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